On Tuesday, May 7, 1991, at about 1:50 p.m., SA MITCHELL began an examination of a Ford Aerostar, black with gray trim, which was located at the Putnam County Sheriffís Office impound lot in Eatonton, Georgia. At the time of examination, it had crime scene tape draped around it. The DRIVERíS DOOR WAS THE ONLY ONE WHICH WAS LOCKED. The vehicle bore a 1991 Georgia license plate: LMS871 on the rear bumper, VIN: 1FMDA11U9KZB44243. On the front bumper it bore South Carolina 1990 license plate: UKH619. The windshield was cracked at the upper portion toward the driverís door and a slight crack was evident above th driverís side windshield wiper. The driverís side front parking light lens was also broken. No other body damage was apparent. AGENT MITCHELL photographed the exterior of the vehicle.

He then observed and photographed blood splatters on the following: The interior side of the driverís door, driverís side rocker panel, a metal plate cover over the driverís seat adjustment, the interior panel adjacent to the driverís seat, the driverís seat head rest, the top of the console, the driverís side of the console, the lower portion of the console where cassette tapes and coins were held, a WHITE NAPKIN ON THE DRIVERíS FLOORBOARD, [Napkin was NOT on the floorboard but on the console], a denim pocketbook on the floor to the rear of the console, a rolled up fibrous mat on the floor BEHIND the driverís seat, on the passengerís side of the console, on top of the left armrest of the passengerís seat, on a plastic drinking glass between the console and driverís seat, on a Handi-houses.

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drink can cover on the driverís floorboard, and on the steering wheel. He collected scrapings of blood spatters from the interior side of the driverís door below the mirror adjustment, scrapings of blood from the top left of the driverís head rest, and the white napkin containing blood spatter from the driverís floorboard. Receipt for Property #K-132667.
[Mark testified Pattie was shot outside of the van with feet sticking under the back wheel.
There was no mention of Wallaceís shirt that is plainly seen in one of the photos before it was removed. This fact was not brought up during the trial. (see photos shown below) Where the white napkin shown in one of the photos, removed in other tampered crime scene photos, is where Wallace testified Pattieís head was located at the time the gun accidentally went off.]

Special Agent D. T. Mitchell: 5/8/91
idy: 5/9/91

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(p 846) - Radio Report fro dispatcher stated Mark told him he had thrown a brick and dented the van to keep Mr. Fugate from leaving.
Investigators found no dents on this van.

(p. 860) - Van door switch shows drop of blood.

(p. 861) - Smear of blood found on steering wheel.


(p. 862) - Taken 5/7/91, Tues at 2:40 pm. Drop of blood on driver's side door panel B91-2127.

(p. 863) Close up of interior clearly shows Mr. Fugate's plaid shirt he wore that morning. The same shirt investigators said did not exist. This photo was not shown in court, nor brought up by Mr. Fugate's lawyers for his defense. The note Pattie left in mailbox was also in the pocket of this shirt.
All evidence: van, shirt, note and cassette tape were disposed of.
Blood on the napkin, located on the console, is not blood splatters but where Pattie's head was located when she was accidentally shot. 7 drops or small smears of blood were found elsewhere inside the van. This proves she was inside, not outside, the van when the gun accidentally fired. This napkin has been REMOVED in photo named Van6.jpg but was supposed to have been placed in a plastic bag and sent to the crime lab in Atlanta. Crime scene has been altered here too.

(p. 864 Van) - Taken 5/7/91, Tues at 2:30 pm
Transcript states there was a blood splatter on interior side of driver's door, below mirror adjustment. No blood can be seen and no evidence could prove there was any blood in this location.

Blood on the napkin is not blood splatters but where Pattie's head was located when she was accidentally shot and from where Mr. Fugate picked her up to take her out of the van. Where her head was when she leaned back to kick Mr. Fugate. This is not a blood splatter but came from the cut on the back of her head. There were no blood splatters in the van, just drops from when she slung her head while inside the van.
Pattie's head laying in this area proves the gun shot was from a distance and goes along with the Autopsy Report, "downward with a slight right to left deviation". See Autopsy Report.
Mr. Fugate's shirt had been removed before this photo was taken. Crime scene altered.


Photo taken by investigators clearly shows Mr. Fugate's plaid shirt in the passenger seat.





NAPKIN IS MISSING you can see clearly in Exhibit 23a! This napkin showed the location of Pattie's head when she was accidentally shot. Crime scene altered.


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