Mr. Brown has written out what he could remember of his statement to the board, it is as follows:

July 24, 2002

Re: Wallace Fugate

1. My reason for wanting Wallace Fugate to live is because he is a good neighbor, a good Samaritan, and a friend to everyone he came in contact with. He loves his family and his family loves him.

2. I came in contact with Wallace through his father who worked for our company, Georgia Steel, Inc. as a carpenter foreman. I was Executive Vice President of Georgia Steel, Inc. at that time and was President of Macon Machine, Inc. Both of these companies were owned by the Slocumb family. His father told me he was really mechanically minded so I gave him a job as a mechanic in our maintenance shop.

3. As time went by, Wallace proved to be a hard worker and became a friend with all our employees, helping them whenever they needed it. Once I mentioned to him that I had a boat at Jackson Lake that needed repairs and immediately he volunteered to help me. It was not only an employee-employer relationship, we became good friends. He would bring his small son and wife to visit me at my farm so she could ride the horses. Wallace loved his family. He baby-sat on a regular basis – always entertaining his son so Patti would enjoy her time riding the horses.

4. I would really appreciate it if the Georgia Pardons and Parole Board could find mercy and let him live because he was such a good man to society and everyone he came in contact with loved Wallace.

5. Again, I say thanks for your time to consider letting Wallace continue to live since so many are walking the street with a lot more guilt about them than Wallace has.

Al Brown


Brown, Milton Al - Calloden, Georgia
Former Executive Vice President of Georgia Steel located at 2001 Jeffersonville Road, Macon, Georgia. Retired in 1980.

(Petitioner's Exhibit #30 - Affidavit - M. Brown 5/17/1996)

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