Putnam County Sheriff's Department

Deputy Harper FALSELY STATED [T.393] Deputy Mize arrived at the scene before he and the EMT's at 5:46 pm. Harper also FALSELY STATED when he pulled up Mark was sitting beside Pattie holding her hand and he was holding a portable phone in his other hand.

Sheila Durham did not call Deputy Ricky Mize at home until 17:49 (5:45 pm).
(It would have taken Mize at least 20-30 minutes to get to the scene from his home.)

E.M.T. Amerson [T.397] stated they (his partner)arrived at the same time as their ambulance was directly behind Deputy Harper. These E.M.T.'s saw a young man coming out of the house who was talking on a portable phone. Which proved to be Mark (see telephone bill) as Mark never hung up the phone from talking to the Sheriff's Department until 2 MINUTES AFTER both E.M.T.'s and Harper arrived.